Introducing SYC Tracker: Elevating Vehicle Monitoring and Security

Welcome to the future of vehicle tracking and security with the SYC Tracker, brought to you by Autopointe. This advanced GPS tracking solution offers unparalleled features and benefits to keep your vehicles safe, optimize operations, and enhance productivity. With real-time monitoring capabilities and advanced security features, the SYC Tracker ensures that you stay connected and in control of your fleet like never before.

Key Features:

  • Real-Time Vehicle Location Tracking: Effortlessly monitor the exact location of your vehicles in real-time from anywhere, using your mobile phone or PC.
  • Remote Engine Control: Take control of your fleet’s operations by remotely stopping and resuming vehicle engines with just a few clicks.
  • Distance Calculation: Accurately measure distances traveled to optimize routes and minimize fuel consumption.
  • Over-Speed Alarm: Receive instant notifications when vehicles exceed predefined speed limits, promoting safer driving habits.
  • Route Playback: Review historical routes and movements for up to 2 months, enabling thorough analysis and optimization.


  • Enhanced Safety: Improve driver safety and reduce accidents by closely monitoring vehicle movements and implementing preventive measures.
  • Cost Savings: Minimize fuel and operational costs by optimizing routes and reducing idle time based on real-time data insights.
  • Increased Productivity: Maximize workforce efficiency by monitoring time spent at job sites and ensuring timely deliveries.
  • Theft Prevention: Protect your valuable assets by quickly identifying unauthorized use and recovering stolen vehicles or equipment.
  • Streamlined Operations: Make informed decisions and streamline operations with access to actionable insights derived from real-time tracking data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does the SYC Tracker work?

The SYC Tracker utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) to accurately pinpoint the location of vehicles in real-time. It communicates this information to our secure servers, allowing users to access tracking data via the SYC Tracker mobile app or web portal.

Can I track multiple vehicles simultaneously using the SYC Tracker?

Yes, the SYC Tracker is designed to support fleet management for businesses of all sizes. You can easily monitor multiple vehicles simultaneously from a single dashboard, making it convenient to oversee your entire fleet.

Is it possible to set custom speed limits and receive alerts accordingly?

Absolutely! With the SYC Tracker, you can define custom speed limits for each vehicle in your fleet. If a vehicle exceeds the set speed limit, you will receive instant notifications via the SYC Tracker app or email, allowing you to take prompt action.

Can I access historical tracking data beyond the 2-month playback period?

Unfortunately, the SYC Tracker currently supports playback of historical tracking data for up to 2 months. However, you can download and archive this data for future reference if needed.

How does the SYC Tracker ensure data privacy and security?

At SYC Tracker, we take data privacy and security seriously. All tracking data is encrypted and securely stored on our servers, ensuring that only authorized users have access to it. Additionally, we adhere to strict data protection regulations to safeguard your information against unauthorized access or misuse.

Ready to experience the benefits of the SYC Tracker for yourself?

Did You Know?

11 installations have been completed in the last six months, ensuring satisfied customers and successful fleet management solutions.


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