• Job Opening: Workshop Manager at Autopointe Quickfit
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    Job Opening: Workshop Manager at Autopointe Quickfit

    Autopointe Quickfit vehicle diagnosing and technical centre is committed to providing clients the best service as regards modern car maintenance and repair equipment. We are recruiting to fill the position below: Job Title: Workshop Manager Location: Lagos Job Summary Provide direct oversight and guidance on the workshop operations. Duties and Responsibilities Coordination of Branch Workshop

  • Signs Your A/C May Need to be Serviced

    Few things will get a driver hotter under the collar than an air-conditioning system that’s full of hot air. When the system that you rely on to keep temperatures and humidity down and comfort levels up isn’t working properly, it’s time to turn to a professional to find out why, and to restore that cold


    BLACK SMOKE If you’re going to have tailpipe smoke, black’s the color you want. It means that the air-to-fuel ratio is lower than it should be, a condition known as “running rich.” Your car’s definitely not healthy if it’s spewing black fumes, but the likelihood of a full, relatively affordable recovery is high. Here are

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